About us

The company KI-Klebebänder International, Wolfgang Cardinal e.K., was founded on the 01.04.1988 as a purely sales-oriented company. As a specialised dealer of technical adhesive tapes, KI is capable of acting particularly fast and flexible for the customer in the market due to short decision-making paths, and at the same time attend to sophisticated technical developments and customer-specific solutions.
Important export markets include Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Finland, the Czech Republic and Russia.

In connection with the increasing quality requirements of our customers, higher demands in the technical sector and last but not least to improve internal process, the Quality Management System ISO 9001 was introduced in 1998 and updated in January 2010 up to 2014.

Since 01. January 2012 the one-man business KI-Klebebänder International Wolfgang Cardinal became Klebebänder International GmbH. At the same time, management was reinforced with the joining of Grad. Economist Tim Cardinal.