Metal adhesive tapes

The following list of our metal adhesive tapes is only a rough overview. If you are not able to find a suitable solution for your special requirements, please contact us personally.

Our product range is constantly expanded and kept up to the latest state of development. We shall find optimal solutions also for your individual requirements.

  • All specifications upon enquiry.

  • Custom-made design; self-adhesive metal foil with PETP-enforced acrylate glue, cover red PP-film, total strength 0.3, temperature resistant -40°C to +150°C.

  • Pure self-adhesive lead foil, smooth surface; cover white siliconised PE foil, glue acrylate modified.

  • All specifications upon enquiry.

  • In various dimensions and strength, acrylate glue for single and double insulation, non-conductive, conductive, good soldering capability, static shield, UL-certification, electro insulation, removable, tin-laminated copper tapes.

  • All specifications upon enquiry.

  • Pure aluminium, total strength of 0.06 to 0.19 mm, rubber or acrylate glue, with or without glue cover, colours black, white or silver, high thermal load, sealing of air channels, double glazing, heat reflection, connection of insulation panels.