Paper tapes

The following list of our paper tapes is only a rough overview. If you are not able to find a suitable solution for your special requirements, please contact us personally.

Our product range is constantly expanded and kept up to the latest state of development. We shall find optimal solutions also for your individual requirements.

  • Water soluble paper tapes and further special products for the utilisation in the print and paper industry.

  • Self-adhesive tapes made of naturally brown sodium bicarbonate paper in various finishes, suitable for every application - even fibre-reinforced for extreme tensile strength. Another advantage is the particularly high stretch stability also in case of temperature fluctuations.

  • Specially designed masking tapes for powder and thermal spray coating which provide excellent temperature and abrasion resistance while protecting the surface.
    Important characteristics:

    • High temperature resistance
    • Suppleness and flexibility
    • Simple and clean removal
    • Adhesion on a host of different materials
  • One-sided adhesive tapes with paper carrier for simple up to sophisticated applications, these include:

    • General cover work over short or long periods
    • Masking
    • Application in the high temperature sector
    • Reinforcing
    • Closing
    • Application as assembly aid