Self-fusing silicone tapes

These self-fusing tapes are made of a special silicone rubber; their fusing creates an insulation barrier which is resistant against moisture, oxygen and ozone in a temperature range between -54°C to +260°C.

The tapes exhibit excellent electric insulation with a dielectric strength of at least 12 kV/mm up to 180°C.

Special characteristics:

  • Resistant against oxygen, moisture and ozone
  • Perfect adaptation
  • Self-fusing at room temperature within 24 hours
  • No self-adhesive effect to touch or on contact with substrates
  • Resistant to heat, mechanical loads or Corona effect
  • Flame inhibiting, non-conductive ash formation in case of fire

Electrical application:

  • Insulating and sealing of electrical connections
  • Electromagnetic inductor insulation
  • Motor connections

Mechanical applications:

  • Vibration protection of inductors
  • Bundling of cable strands at high temperatures
  • Protection from corrosion
  • Sealing of defect hoses in automobile sector
  • Sealing of various conduits