Advertising industry

The following list of adhesive tapes for the advertising industry allows you to find the adhesive tape suitable for your purposes by way of your specific application. If you are not able to find a suitable solution for your special requirements, please contact us personally.

Our product range is constantly expanded and kept up to the latest state of development. We shall find optimal solutions also for your individual requirements.

  • Strapping tapes are used to reinforce packaging material. They usually serve to solidly tape cartons. The functionality is similar to that of a strong rope. Due to various designs they are also suitable for a range of applications such as bundling, holding and securing extremely heavy goods such as steel ribbon ends, cable rolls, filled vats etc.

  • Acrylate coated textile tapes, which may be applied universally in industry, trade and craft for repairing, tagging and bundling due to their temperature resistance > 100°C.
    Important characteristics:

    • Inscribable
    • Tears easy by hand
    • Resistant against chemicals
    • Strong adhesion
    • Excellent ageing quality
    • Very good cold and heat resistance
    • Very good electrical characteristics
  • Gaffer tape or Gaffer's tape (gaffer = lighting technician) is a matt, solid and extremely adhesive textile tape which can be easily ripped by hand and which can be removed almost without residue after not too long a period of adhesion. The main colours are black, grey/silver and white.

  • Duct tape is also identified as tank tape, universal adhesive tape or industrial adhesive tape. It is a silver-grey, self-adhesive and waterproof textile adhesive tape.

  • Special adhesive foam and foil tapes for the print and graphic industry to assemble print plates or print blocks. We offer tapes in different strengths and various grades and are happy to advise you regarding the product complying with your individual requirements. Your printing plates can be easily assembled, repositioned and dismantled without residue with the application of the correct printing block tape.

  • Klebebänder International offers an extensive range of technical splicing tapes especially suitable for splicing of paper, films, foils, carpets and PVC surfaces.
    Due to the extensive portfolio of splicing products we are able to provide the adequate solution for almost any splicing procedure and almost all substrates.
    The advantages of our splicing tapes at a glance:

    • High performance glues provide a very high adhesion force, secure splicing connections and minimal down times
    • High shear and tensile strength
    • Excellent temperature resistance
    • Fast adhesive and gluing effect
    • Simple handling
    • Various carriers ensure impeccable processing
    • Resistant against plastifyer agents and solvents
    • Laying of carpeting
    • Different adhesive sides for residue-free removal
  • The range of one-sided and double-sided foam tapes by KI provides solutions for almost any industry in the sectors connecting, assembling, affixing, gluing, water, air, dust and draft proof sealing, filling of gaps, upholstery and supporting. The products are economical, fast, simple and clean to apply, adaptable, versatile and durable.

  • PVC foam tapes
  • Cellular rubber
  • Extremely thin adhesive tapes exhibiting high temperature resistance while adapting well to unevenness.

  • Adhesive film without a carrier, applied to silicone paper, different strengths, acrylate glue, to make self-adhesive, for fastening, splicing, for any type of end-gluing.