Paper manufacturing

The following list of adhesive tapes for paper manufacturing allows you to find the adhesive tape suitable for your purposes by way of your specific application. If you are not able to find a suitable solution for your special requirements, please contact us personally.

Our product range is constantly expanded and kept up to the latest state of development. We shall find optimal solutions also for your individual requirements.

  • One-sided adhesive tapes with paper carrier for simple up to sophisticated applications, these include:

    • General cover work over short or long periods
    • Masking
    • Application in the high temperature sector
    • Reinforcing
    • Closing
    • Application as assembly aid
  • Self-adhesive tapes made of naturally brown sodium bicarbonate paper in various finishes, suitable for every application - even fibre-reinforced for extreme tensile strength. Another advantage is the particularly high stretch stability also in case of temperature fluctuations.

  • For over 20 years, we have been providing the paper industry with our Turn-up belts. Our products are known to have a consistently good quality and a greater degree of process integrity. Quality KI-100 & KI-101 belts are the best choice for a safe and economical change of rolls. Both of these qualites are available in brown or bleached. We would be pleased to consult you on this product in person.

  • Als exklusiver Händler für ORAFIX-Produkte bieten wir Ihnen ein abgerundetes Sortiment für alle Anwendungen  innerhalb der Papier- und Druckindustrie an. Die wasserlöslichen ORAFIX® Klebebänder sind einseitig sowie doppelseitig klebend lieferbar. Als Produktionshilfsmittel, von der Rollenanfangsverklebung, über statische Rollenverbindungen, bis hin zum fliegenden Rollenwechsel werden bei höchster Effizienz reibungslose Abläufe für Ihre Produktionsprozesse gewährleistet. ORAFIX®  repulpierbare Klebebänder sind FDA-zertifiziert und damit für vielfältige Anwendungen in der Lebensmittel-/Nahrungsverpackungsindustrie geeignet.

    Für Produktinformationen steht Ihnen Herr Tim Cardinal gerne zur Verfügung.
    Telefon: +49.202.26685-11 . E-Mail:

    Weitere Informationen finden Sie auch direkt auf der Orafol Webseite
    oder im Orafol Papier- und Druckindustriekatalog.

  • Klebebänder International offers an extensive range of technical splicing tapes especially suitable for splicing of paper, films, foils, carpets and PVC surfaces.
    Due to the extensive portfolio of splicing products we are able to provide the adequate solution for almost any splicing procedure and almost all substrates.
    The advantages of our splicing tapes at a glance:

    • High performance glues provide a very high adhesion force, secure splicing connections and minimal down times
    • High shear and tensile strength
    • Excellent temperature resistance
    • Fast adhesive and gluing effect
    • Simple handling
    • Various carriers ensure impeccable processing
    • Resistant against plastifyer agents and solvents
  • Cellular rubber
  • Extremely thin adhesive tapes exhibiting high temperature resistance while adapting well to unevenness.

  • Adhesive film without a carrier, applied to silicone paper, different strengths, acrylate glue, to make self-adhesive, for fastening, splicing, for any type of end-gluing.

  • Pure aluminium, total strength of 0.06 to 0.19 mm, rubber or acrylate glue, with or without glue cover, colours black, white or silver, high thermal load, sealing of air channels, double glazing, heat reflection, connection of insulation panels.

  • All specifications upon enquiry.