Your partner for tape conversion and tape cutting

In addition to the application-oriented requirement for an adhesive tape, there are frequently also production-related requirements for optimum further processing.
Factors such as width, length, core diameter or special shapes play an important role here. Along with our customers' growing demands for our products, our range of services has constantly increased. This applies, in particular, to the area of customised production. We take this development into account with the investment in new cutting and die cutting machines, for example: we offer you adhesive bands produced specifically to your requirements. We would be happy to give you information about the almost unlimited manufacturing options of our production facility - just contact us

An overview of our range of services

Hitzebeständiges Klebeband mit Zuschnitt

Log slitting
We slit all the adhesive tapes from our delivery programme to the width requested by you.

Verschiedene Umrollenmöglichkeiten

You need different running lengths or need the adhesive tapes on a particular core? No problem. We We can deliver almost any presentation.

Längenzuschnitte von Klebebändern bei cardinal

Length cutting
The right lengths very frequently simplify further handling. We provide you with the lengths with the backing film ready to be peeled away. This saves you time and expense

Kisscut bei ein- oder zweiseitigen Klebebändern

Kiss cutting
Kiss cutting allows different shapes to be punched out. These parts remain on the backing and can simply be peeled off from there. Single-sided or double-sided adhesive tapes can be prepared for you on the role or as a sheet in this way.

Stanzen von Klebetechnik

Die cutting
Finished die cut parts also simplify the subsequent further processing for you. In contrast to the kiss cutting procedure, the punched out shapes do not remain on the backing, but are delivered as an individual unit.

Kaschieren von Klebetechnik

We can also laminate a backing to particularly sensitive adhesive surfaces. Thus, the adhesive surfaces are protected and handling is simplified.